Cryogenic Optical Refrigeration


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September 15th 2015

The Optical Refrigeration Community group has been created in LinkedIn. This group has been created to bring together the workers focused on the success of optical refrigeration technology. This is a good way to follow closely the development of this technology .


September 9th 2015

Two great conferences that cover Optical Refrigeration are coming up, the Optical and Electronic Cooling of Solids IX  conference at SPIE Photonic West 2016 (February 2016) and the Tri-Technology Device Refrigeration (TTDR) conference at the SPIE International Defense + Commercial Sensing Symposia (April 2016). This is a good opportunity to present your work and learn from other’s work on Optical Refrigeration so don’t forget to mark your calendar. Please see conferences details in the respective links.


December 13th 2014

One of CryoRay Coolers’ principal collaborators, Prof. Mansoor Sheik Bahae and his research group at UNM, were featured in a local news channel (KOTA7) in Albuquerque NM for their achievements in laser cooling technology.  To learn more about the story in KOTA channel 7 website please  click here.  To watch the video please click the image.


December 7th 2014

CryoRay Cooler was cited on Prof. Mansoor Sheik Bahae ‘s interview for an article in UNM’s news paper The Daly Lobo.  To read the article please click here.


October 1st 2014

Don’t forget to mark in your calendar the upcoming Laser Refrigeration of Solids VIII technical conference at SPIE Photonic West 2015.  Wednesday—Thursday 11—12 February 2015 at The Moscone Center San Francisco, California, United States. To learn more click here


May 2013

Cooling materials using interaction with light has come a long way in the past 20 years. Researchers at the recent  2013 Photonics West showed that they can cool new types of materials and more can be expected in the future  using new approaches. Read more ...