Cryogenic Optical Refrigeration


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CryoRay tm  Coolers

Solid-State Cryogenic Refrigeration

Copyright 2015 CryoRayTM Coolers, a registered trademark of ThermoDynamic Films, LLC

CryoRayTM coolers are solid-state cryogenic refrigerators capable of higher efficiencies at lower temperatures than any other solid-state technology.  Unlike traditional cooling technologies that rely on compressed gasses or the thermoelectric effect, CryoRay coolers extract heat by an optical mechanism.   The active element of a CryoRay device cools by absorbing laser light at one frequency and reemitting it at high frequencies (See Technology).  By this process CryoRay coolers achieve extremely low temperatures, less than 100 K (-280 F), far colder than is possible with thermoelectric refrigerators.  Because CryoRay coolers are solid-state devices with no moving parts or fluids, they are very reliable, generate no vibrations and require no maintenance